Sinus Infections And Tattoo Dreams.

So, I have a sinus infection and a mild case of bronchitis. No fun. I have been feeling really foggy for a few days now. But now that I know what’s wrong and am all medicated up for it, I am starting to feel better. It is great. Cause I absolutely despise bring sick. But I mean, who likes being sick?

Despite the onset of the plague, I have been trying to be as productive as possible. I forced myself to go to work and all of my classes. I also walked down to the tattoo shop and scheduled my second tattoo. I can’t wait. I handed the lady my design and she said she will have a stencil of it for me when I come in. I have to wait until March 1st, though because she is going away next week. That saddens me a little, but at least I will have it done finally. I have so many tattoos planned. I don’t know how I will ever have money for them all.

I want my entire back tattooed. I want a tattoo on each foot. I want sleeves and a chest piece. And I just want everything. Haha. I want my body to be this beautiful canvas of artwork. I am so obsessed with tattoos and I have always wanted one or two or five since I was little. My mom has seven and I am determined to one up her. At the very least anyway. And I have so many ideas, so many things that represent me as a person. I just can’t wait to fill the canvas that is my skin with wonderful artwork.

In the meantime, I am just trying to survive my classes. All of them but one are easy. Chemistry is going to give me a run for my money, I acknowledge that, and I am preparing myself for the stress of the challenge. I got an A in chemistry last year, and I plan on doing it again for the next level. Just you wait!




~ by Cherylsaur on February 14, 2013.

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