That Tingley Feeling.

Ok, so it’s about time I blogged about this I guess. A few weeks ago I met someone. I wasn’t really looking to meet anyone, really. I was just going to a meeting of my schools gay straight alliance. I just wanted to talk about some of the things I had been feeling and experiencing lately and get some feedback. But there she was, the ridiculously beautiful Cady.

She was there when I walked in and I managed to talk to her despite her being too cute for words. I promise I wasn’t immediately obsessed with her or anything. I just get nervous around really pretty girls. Mostly because I always manage to make myself look like an ass in front of them. But she was really sweet.

Nothing came of it that meeting, but I went to the next one and the next. And we started to get to know one another. Evetually I worked up the courage to walk her back to her dorm and ask her for her number. She gave it to me and we hung out twice that week.

Everyone said she liked me, but I really doubted myself. I just don’t understand why people like me sometimes and I never know when someone does until it is made ridiculously obvious. So, I vowed not to say anything until I was a little more sure.

This past Friday was her birthday. She invited me and a few of our now mutual friends to a gay club with her. And of course I went.
I had a great time. Sometime during the night I either worked up enough courage to kiss her or she kissed me and we held hands and danced all night. It was wonderful. I was drunk on excitement and copious amounts of alcohol. When we got back to my room, we climbed into bed and cuddled. She kissed me goodnight and I totally melted.

I really hope she would maybe want to be my girlfriend. Because I really like her a lot. She gives me butterflies and has the most amazing smile.

I think I am smitten.




~ by Cherylsaur on March 3, 2013.

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