For starters, my name is Cheryl. I have lived in CT all of my life, and I consider myself to be a modest, small-town kind of girl. Meaning that I tend to enjoy a quiet day sitting under a tree in the nearest park reading.

I tend to consider myself more brains than beauty. I am currently paying my own way through a Biology degree with a focus in pre-med. I am extremely driven and put 110% into all of my work and studies. I tend to set extremely high goals for myself with the mentality that even if I miss the moon, I will land among the stars. I still have about two years left of my undergrad work, due to a few financial setbacks along the way, but it is my hope to graduate as soon as I possibly can and then continue on to Med School. It is my dream to be a surgeon one day, and I don’t tend to let much get in my way.

In my free time, I am a bit of a gamer. I enjoy all sorts of games, although I tend to prefer PC games. Mostly, I am a bit of a Blizzard (a videogame company) hag and follow their products very religiously. In fact, I beta test most of their games. I also enjoy games like Borderlands and Halo for PS3 and Xbox. I like strategy games like Civilization, Role Play games like Skyrim, and Massive Multiplayer Online games, like World of Warcraft and Star Wars: The Old Republic. Further, I love card games, board games, and RP games. Such as Magic the Gathering, Small World and Settlers of Catan, and Dungeons and Dragons, respectively. So, basically, I am pretty nerdy.

I enjoy comic books, watching movies, reading, knitting, eating, and singing. I do model in my spare time, when I feel like dabbling. It also makes some pretty fast cash, and is actually fairly fun (so long as the photographer isn’t a creep). I tend to think it is fairly hilarious that I model sometimes, seeing as I tend to consider myself fashion-retarded. Regardless, I don’t do it full time, and I tend to think that I look far better in pictures than I do off camera (but that might just be girly insecurity).

I am fairly socially awkward and shy when I am first getting to know someone, but I tend to warm up fairly quickly. A lot of people tell me I am fun and easy to get along with. I honestly don’t try to be. I don’t really care what other people think about me (unless you happen to be one of my professors or a possible employer). I am extremely quirky, and I am always sure to let people see the real me because I don’t feel like I have anything to hide.

I am also extremely outspoken. I think it is important for others to know what I am really thinking, rather than keep petty secrets and talk behind the backs of others. That is not what I am about. I have been referred to many times as ‘real’ and if you don’t think you can handle a whole lot of frankness, then I am not the girl you want to be friends with.


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